Workshop "Unfold your full potential!" (in English language)

You know that there is much more potential inside yourself than you live up at the moment. You want to understand how you can manifest your individual strengths. You want to sharpen your own WHY, your own HOW and find your own WHAT.

✔In this workshop you will find out more about what gives meaning to your life: YOUR WHY

✔You will work on your own vision.

✔You will learn about how to find the right employer or the right customers.

✔You will learn and practice how to strengthen your positive and focussed mindset.

✔You will learn how to increase your creativity and how to generate new ideas.


June, 27th , 2020

9.00 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Klagenfurt, Villa Maria

Your investment:

€ 120,-

Registration until June, 19th at the latest:


Limited number of participants!

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