We measure our performance, successes and goals in figures and ranges. But it is in times just like these that the longing for intuitive and tangible currencies is particularly high.

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Values – World views – Paradigm shift

Our values are like a compass, guiding us through the world. They tell us what is right or wrong for us and help us to make decisions. As a company we stand for certain values. They are an important part of our outward image. In this way we will attract the right clientèle for us.  

It is therefore essential to know one’s company values and be aware of them. Our values are firmly rooted in our subconscious, having been imprinted on our minds. If our life circumstances change, then our values and world views will also adapt over time. Our values influence HOW we think much more than WHAT we think. If a world view is no longer liveable then we will be called upon to allow a new world view to exist. There will be a paradigm shift. Individuals and organisations finding themselves in this phase have many challenges to overcome. How can one manage such a shift with the least possible friction? How does one motivate people who live with different world views? How does one solve conflicts, which arise due to different world views, in a constructive manner? I will accompany you along the way to defining your values but also to successfully establishing a paradigm shift and all that goes with it.

Unfolding Potential and self leadership

Every person has individual resources and skills to hand. Being aware of what makes us special, what value we can add to our life, our work, our relationships, is essential. Recognising and refining one’s own skills, i.e. strengthening our self-confidence, leads to the unfolding of our potentials. The amount of self-confidence of each individual employee is the self-confidence of a company.

There are many more treasures hidden inside of us than we suspect. They are waiting to be retrieved. The first step in this direction is to let the mask fall, which one thinks one has to wear in order to exist in the (working) world. Only when living authentically can fully unfold one’s own potential. You take your life's wheel.
In a lively and creative manner I will support you in discovering your full potential. Imagine if all your team members could live up to their full potential! What a groundbreaking effect this would have on your company’s success!

Intercultural communication

Interactions between people are characterised by culture. They can be positive, constructive and pleasing or also lead to conflicts and friction. Influences are deeply rooted in our subconscious. Often, we are not aware of why conflicts arise out of certain situations. Self-reflection leads to a better understanding of one’s own influences and of our reaction to the triggering behaviour patterns of our counterpart.

vision and strategic process

Our vision brings us forward and gives our life purpose. Our vision is our drive and fulfils us.
It is like a lighthouse towards which we are moving, it gives meaning and purpose to ou lives. Without vision, coincidence rules.

Together we will work on your vision as an individual, a team, an organisation. Towards your fullfilment and towards your success.  

Based on that we develop your strategy how you will reach your vision.
A strong WHY is the crucial base for a fulfilled life and a successful business.

It will be my pleasure to support you.


Finding the right employees is currently abig challenge for many companies. They are called upon to present themselveswell on the employment market. Your employees are your most importantresource. Therefore, it is important to be perceived correctly on the marketand attract the right people with the appropriate spirit.

How can you present yourself as an attractive employer? What identifies you, what values do you stand for and what kind of employees do you want to bring on board? Where can you find your new model employees and how can you approach them? Together we will work out which attributes makeyour company attractive and interesting for potential employees. Based on this,we will establish your employer brand, define your perfect candidate and theright medium through which you can meet each other

About ME

I am happy that I have found my calling in this profession. It fulfills me to accompany people and companies on their way and lead them in a positive direction. My empathy and intuitive sense as well as my creative spirit form essential pillars of my work.  

I work and meet people within the realms of respect, appreciation and trust. Freedom of thought, candour and a healthy portion of curiosity are the elixir which makes my work something special for me and my clients.
I studied business economics, have a postgraduate degree in Intercultural Competencies and am a trained Life Coach. I further develop myself with regular training courses in Austria and abroad in the fields of unfolding potential, intercultural communication, neuroscience, meditation and mindfulness, emotion research, storytelling, etc. and this continuously nurtures my work.
I have a passion for foreign languages just as much as delving into different cultures, which has fascinated me since my youth.
I work in German and English. My vision is to create organisations with soul, spirited systems in which all individuals involved can unfold their full potential. This is my WHY – the purpose of my work and my great driving force which gives me true fulfillment.


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